Water Damage Assessment

Is poor drainage to blame for your mold?

There are many different ways that structures such as homes and offices can be affected by moisture. One of the prime ways that moisture gets into your home could be rainwater. Think about the amount of water that sometimes falls at once! When water comes down quickly and in quantity, it can lead to a lot of moisture where there are leaks!

Even if your home has never had a previous issue, when a lot of water comes down in a short amount of time, the system put in place to aim the water away from your home or to drain it can become overwhelmed! If a small problem is already happening, don’t wait until the next storm to do something about it, it may be too late.

Water damage to the house is the first step to mold growth, mold requires moisture to develop! This is why it’s important not to ignore poor drainage around the home, which aims rainwater away, as well as any small roof, window, or door leaks you may see.

To protect your home from rainwater there are a few things you can do. Of course, all of these options aren’t always necessary for everyone.

  1. Check for the ground to slope away from the foundation of your home. You don’t want the ground close to the outside of the home to slope down toward your house, or you will have to cut into a trench to drain it
  2. Add extensions to the gutter downspouts, this way you can direct the water further away from the foundation.
  3. Create openings on the border of flowerbeds to help the soil drain away from the house. This also keeps your flowers from rotting too!
  4. Keep roofs and gutters clear of debris to allow for proper drainage
  5. Dig a Trench that extends to the lowest point of your property. Line the high end of this trench with some filter fabric and then fill with gravel or rock. This way the water will get filtered before clogging the drain.
  6. Build a Dry Well in the ground and fill with gravel or crushed stone. If you have a home that puddles or has a big pool of water after a rainfall, this is a great idea to act as a makeshift drain to return the water to the ground without flooding or pooling.

These are some beginner tips to prevent moisture from getting into the home. If you already have a small leak or a problem that has been on your list to fix, make it your priority. Dealing with mold due to moisture in your home is a much larger and more hazardous problem in the long run. Call us today for a water damage assessment.