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5 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Get a Mold Inspection

Our homes are the biggest investment we are likely to make in our lifetime, with the United States median home price at $320,000 as of March 2020. Mold growth in our home threatens to reduce the value of our home and what’s more, destroys the health of our families.

It is for these reasons a mold inspection is so important, but how to tell if there’s mold in the house? Keep reading for five signs your house needs a mold inspection to avoid the little monsters from taking over your home.

1. Visible Mold Growths

Among the most obvious signs of mold issues in the home is mold growths on walls, floors, and ceilings. If you can see mold growing, there is a good chance there is more mold where you can not see it. Mold inspectors use specialized equipment to detect mold in places you can not see.

2. Prior Water Damage

A staggering 14,000 households in the United States will experience an emergency water damage situation every year. Do you have a leaky roof? Have you suffered a flood or broken pipe?

If there has been water damage to your home, mold could surely follow. A water damage assessment should include inspecting the house for mold. Inspectors will check not only the areas that sustained water damage, but also areas moisture could still be breeding mold all around the house and substructure.

3. Health Issues in the Home

Mold is well known to cause adverse health effects especially for those who have fungi allergies. Among the symptoms of mold-related health problems are:

  • Sore throat
  • Stuffy nose
  • Burning or itchy eyes
  • Skin rashes

Certain types of mold are more toxic than others, and inhaling the spores of toxic black mold can have serious and even deadly consequences. If there are black molds growing on or inside your walls it is absolutely imperative that you have professional hazardous material specialists perform the cleanup.

4. High Humidity Environment

Where there is moisture there is usually mold. If you live in places where the weather is humid for long periods of the year the chances are you are going to have mold problems. Even if you don’t see visible mold in your home, mold could be running rampant in the subflooring and inside the walls because of the high humidity environment.

Humidity is highest in the summer during the rainy season. Read this article for summer mold prevention tips.

5. Something Smells Funny

The next time someone mentions a musty odor in your home you might want to ask – is there mold in my house? The smell of mold and mildew is rather distinct and you have probably smelled it before say in an old basement or cellar. At times the smell could be overpowering and other times barely noticeable depending on the type of mold and the degree of the growth.

Mold Inspection Experts

Considering how dangerous to your health and wallet mold can be it is wise to keep a lookout. If you notice any of the above warning signs it would be a good idea to get a mold inspection to assess the damage and risk prior to attempting removal and restoration. New York and New Jersey residents contact us and make an appointment for a mold inspection before the problem grows out of control.

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