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A Home Inspection vs. A Mold Inspection

In the process of closing a sale on a home, a buyer hires a home inspector to look for damages that could affect its value. Too often, however, hopeful homeowners go through this process and say “My home inspector didn’t find anything!”, only to find dangerous mold growing in their new home months down the line. While home inspectors have an invaluable part to play when you are in the process of purchasing the home of your dreams, a mold inspection looks for things that could otherwise be overlooked. 

A mold inspection is a very different inspection. As mold inspectors, we are not looking at your light switches and doorknobs, or to see if the furnace is working. We are looking specifically for mold and water damage, as well as ventilation and humidity issues. Even the slightest sign of a water stain could indicate previous or active water damage. We inspect inside wall cavities, under carpets, behind baseboard heaters and base moldings, and inside your AC unit. Home inspectors don’t inspect the furniture for mildew, but we do. These are areas that often go overlooked when diagnosing a home for mold. It’s not always about what’s obvious to anyone, but that’s only obvious to a trained eye of an experienced mold inspector.


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