avoid mold in storage units

Avoid Mold In Storage Units

Whether you’re in-between homes, or just need some extra space to stash your belongings, many people turn to storage units to store their extra items. Couches, furniture, boxes and the like are stacked high and forgotten about until someone needs them, or a large enough space is available to use them. But what happens when you get to your storage unit to get your couch and its covered in mold?

We talk about all of the places inside of your home that you may find mold, but what about the places outside of our homes that can promote mold growth? Storage units are one of the places that mold growth can proliferate and you’d never even know. Until of course, you need an item one day and show up to find many items ruined due to Mold.

Here are some tips on finding a storage unit that is safe to store your items:

  • Check the Insurance fine print – make sure that you understand what it covers. Many times the insurance only covers major events like flooding or fire. Therefore, small things like a leak may not be covered. Check your homeowner’s insurance to see if they cover any items in a storage unit as well.
  • Before you sign your name on the dotted line take a good look at the space you’ll be renting. Check for bugs, rodent droppings, mildew smells, and moisture. If you see or smell any of those signs, go somewhere else.
  • Use plastic storage bins for clothes and the like. Cardboard boxes are prone to moisture and can be breeding grounds for mold.
  • Think twice before storing upholstered furniture, especially if it is important to you. Any leaking or condensation in the unit, along with the darkness will help to breed mold growth

Remember, bringing items that are moldy into your home also promote the spread of mold spores and can increase the chances of mold spreading to your home and affecting your health when inhaled. Think smart next time you rent a storage space and cover all of your bases to ensure your items stay mold-free.

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