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In this business, experience counts!

In our last blog post What training is required of my Licensed Mold Assessor? I mentioned that I wished there was a minimum work requirement in order to receive your License to Assess in New York State. Since these new requirements have only been out a little over a year, we are hoping that there are continued changes to the bill in our future. To us, it’s clear, experience counts in this business!

Right now, the requirements for training for licensure includes 32 hours of classroom training for Mold Assessor, 24 hours of classroom training for Mold Remediation Contractor and 16 hours of classroom training for Mold Abatement Worker. We hope that in the future more actual experience in the field and outside of the classroom will be required as well.

If you’re behind on why these parameters have been implemented, the Executive Director of The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors Doug Hoffman says it best “The mold industry has been plagued with charlatans who have taken advantage of the public,” He continues  “We are excited to be a part of these efforts to regulate this industry.  We are pleased that New York has seen the need for training to enhance the quality of the work because it ensures that mold professionals are kept up to date with the latest techniques and technologies.”

As an NYSDOL certified Mold Inspector, I understand that trust of any professional that enters your home or office is essential. No one wants to let someone into their home who is focused on taking advantage of them. New York state has taken a leap in the right direction, but we want more! You should want more too, make sure that any licensed professional that you work with has experience in the field to back up their license. This is just as crucial to the job.

We are a licensed company with over 14 years of experience that looks forward to continuing to be a respectable and reliable mold inspection company for the tri-state area. We look forward to taking the stress out of the situation and providing you our service with no questions. Call us today!

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