Christmas Trees and Mold

The holiday season has just ended, and you might have already taken down your tree and pulled it to the curb. If you haven’t already, don’t be alarmed by this post! We at HNST Mold Inspections like to give you the facts, and although mold can be brought into the home on your Christmas Tree, there is no need to panic, just be aware.

Christmas trees can harbor mold, after all, they are something that usually lives outside, and we bring them into a foreign environment for a month of its life for our own enjoyment. Mold on your Christmas Tree can cause issues with any pre-existing conditions you or a family member may have such as asthma.

If there is someone in your home with asthma, you may want to re-think the tree next year if:

  • Symptoms are worse when the tree is in the home
  • increased symptoms such as tightness, runny nose, stiffness, itchy eyes or cough occur
  • increase in the number of asthma attacks occur

Don’t worry about missing out on the festivity, artificial trees are more lifelike than ever! Hunt down a great deal after Christmas and find your family forever tree. Make sure to keep your artificial tree stored properly during the year in order to protect from dust, pests, and water.



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