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Controlling Moisture – Reducing Mold Risk

Controlling moisture is one of the key foundations to reducing the risk of mold developing in your home. Mold thrives and grows in a damp or moist environment and can lead to health hazards in your home. Act now to reduce and control moisture in your home in order to reduce your risk! 

Take Action on Moisture!

  • Clean up any spills, leaks or areas of water within 24-48 hours
  • Keep gutters in proper working condition and clear of debris
  • If water is collecting around the foundation of your home, take measures to direct the water away from your home by digging trenches or installing deflectors on downspouts
  • Clean air conditioners drain line and drip pan regularly
  • Monitor indoor humidity by investing in a humidity meter, do not let humidity get above 60%
  • Dry any area of moisture or condensation and if the problem persists pay attention to that area in order to identify the moisture issue.

Spring is the perfect time to take these action steps in your home. While you take care to get your home in proper working condition, work these steps above into your plan. If you are a renter, report any and all plumbing leaks or moisture issues to your superintendent, building owner or property manager.

If you already know that you have a mold issue, be it hidden or visible, take action now. If you’re in New York State, then our New York State Mold Assessor license gives us the ability to help you! Call us today and let HNST help you.

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