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Four Common Questions About Mold

In order to successfully deal with mold problems its important to be well informed on the causes, risks and action steps that need to be taken for mold. Here are the answers to four common questions about mold.

  1. Why does mold grow in homes? Mold is found in spores and is technically airborne. It moves through the air into and out of homes through windows and doors as well as ventilation. Things in your home such as moisture and organic material make it a great place for mold to thrive.
  2. When does mold become a problem? As we mentioned, mold is present in all homes, when it becomes a problem is when larger patches grow and cause health issues or structural damage to the home.
  3. How do I test for mold? When you suspect mold in the home, you should reach out to a Mold Investigator such as HNST Mold Inspections. Mold can be dangerous, so you’ll want to leave this one to an expert.
  4. Can I prevent mold growth? You can do your part to prevent harmful mold growth by controlling humidity in your home. Repair all leaks in the roof, wall or gutters of your home, use a dehumidifier to keep humidity below 50% in your home and use ventilator fans to air out the attic, basement, and bathrooms.

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