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Four things you should know about Mold Inspection

Did you know that Mold isn’t always visible? That’s right, sometimes, mold doesn’t give us a glaring sign that it’s living among us. In fact, there are many species of mold that live in our homes and workplaces that are not harmful and are just part of our environment. The problem comes when you have a mold species that is harmful or potentially harmful to health. If you didn’t know that fact about mold, read on for four more things that you should know about Mold Inspection.

  1. Inspectors (especially in NY) have certifications and credentials that can and should be checked as part of your due diligence. Ask your inspector how many years of experience they have, what trainings and certifications they’ve received and to direct you to some customer reviews.
  2. If you don’t believe your inspector is being thorough enough, ask questions! Be questionable about an inspection that is quicker than 30 minutes, when there is mold found, investigations can take time.
  3. Sample testing is not always required, ask your investigator if the test is necessary and if it will cost extra so that you are aware of what your cost is
  4. Mold can be harmful to health, so take any precautions and follow the instructions that your mold investigator gives you to deal with your mold issue. Ignoring the advice can leave you in a worse position down the road.

At HNST Mold Inspections, our mold inspections are always thorough and our inspectors leave no stone unturned. Starting with a visual inspection, we then create a moisture map of your home or business using up to date equipment. We also check for ongoing leaks and investigate as areas with possible moisture issues. We always start with the least invasive measures that we can and work from there, as always It is important that we rule out any contamination and dangers in order to keep you out of danger.

If you’re looking for a reliable mold inspector with years of experience working independently, contact HNST mold inspections today!

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