hidden signs of mold

Hidden Signs Of Mold

Damp basement, abandoned home and musty garage. These three places have one thing in common: the potential for mold growth. When present in any of these situations, mold can proliferate causing serious problems down the line and even triggering health issues. Be on the lookout for these hidden signs of mold so that you can take action as soon as possible and even prevent the growth of harmful mold.

  1. Do you smell something coming from your chimney? The first sign of mold growth in a chimney can come from the smell. Be sure to have your chimney swept on a recommended schedule and all repairs done in a timely manner. This will help to prevent damp or wetness giving mold a chance to thrive.
  2. Allergies symptoms in certain places. If you have allergy symptoms in a certain room or place, but they disappear when you are not in that environment, there is a potential the trigger could be mold. Track your reactions to pinpoint where your allergies really flare, contact a mold inspector if need be.
  3. Bubbling paint on your walls is another sign that moisture is a problem. Moisture gives mold the perfect place to grow, so reduce humidity in the affected room. You may need to investigate where the moisture is being let into the room, check for leaks, condensation on windows, etc.
  4. Soft or squishy floors are a sign there is moisture in the wood beneath you. This can be due to rotting wood which has been exposed to moisture for too long. Of course, the organic material and moisture are breeding grounds for mold. Get ahead of this one quick!

Don’t let mold build-up and spread, catch it quickly and erase it for good. If you’ve noticed one of these signs in your home, or perhaps another we haven’t mentioned, call your local Mold Inspector. Are you in the New York/New Jersey area? Give us a call at HNST Mold Inspections, or contact us now.

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