HNST Mold Inspections

HNST Mold Inspections has been servicing the New York and New Jersey areas for over a decade. As a small business, our number one goal is to provide you the customer, quicker turn around times, personalized service, quality of expertise and experience.

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with HNST:

Experience:  When larger companies hire teams to go out and work for them, the person that arrives at your door may have little or no experience dealing with mold. This could lead to cut corners, overlooked issues or the feeling that your inspector doesn’t really have an answer to all of your questions. This can leave you feeling uneasy, especially with a vital issue like mold. With HNST Mold Inspections, John Skelly, Owner/Operator will come to your door every time.

Quality Inspections: With experience comes expertise. When you’ve seen things over and over like John has over many years, continue to keep learning in the industry, and intend to complete every job like it was a family member your expertise starts to show through.

Personalized Service: Have you ever completely explained your intricate issue over the phone only to be transferred to yet another representative to explain it again? Better yet, when the company sends someone out to your home do you feel like maybe they aren’t exactly sure what they are there for? This is what happens with other companies with bigger employee bases. With HNST you’ll always speak to and work with the owner/operator John Skelly.

Lower Cost: Some of my competitors charge over twice the price that I do, how can that be? That’s because with my business structure I am able to keep my overhead low and pass the savings on to you, the consumer! When you are the owner/operator of your own company, keeping competitive pricing is easy.

Quicker Results: Because there is only one person dealing with reports I can get them to you quicker. I am the only one dealing with interpretation, lab results, and reports from start to finish.

If experience, quality of expertise, personalized service, lower cost, and quick turnarounds sound like good values of a business you’d like to work with, then give me a call today! Let me prove to you why working with a small business like mine is worth it!

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