sneaky places mold hides

Sneaky Places Mold Hides In Your Home

On our blog, we usually talk about the easy places that you can find or spot mold in your home. Mold is easy to spot after a water event such as a flood in your home, in damp basements, in bathrooms, and in attics. Today we’re talking about some sneaky places mold hides in your home so that you can be aware and take steps to clean it out before it is a problem.

Sneaky Places Mold Hides:

  1. Air Conditioner Units – Air conditioning units grab moisture from the air and filter out things like dust and pollen. These organic compounds are what mold thrives off of for growth. It’s important to clean out your systems using a mold remediation company if it is a central air conditioning unit or to clean out your window mount units with bleach and water to prevent mold growth.
  2. Chimney – Again, organic debris builds up in chimneys in small crevices of brick and behind flashing. It’s important to repair any rusty or broken flashing to keep it secure and to routinely clean out your chimney with a sweep or by hiring a company to do so.
  3. Refrigerator Drip Pan – This is where moisture and spills are collected from your refrigerator. Although some of this water evaporates, it should be cleaned out annually and sprayed with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or bleach and water.
  4. Washing Machines – The gasket around the door of front-loading washing machines is an ideal spot for mold growth. You may even notice a moldy smell if you already have a problem started there. Leave your washing machine door ajar after you run a load of wash to help dry it out, or use a towel to wipe it out. Once in a while, running an empty cycle through with bleach can help to prevent build up as well.

Now that you know to look for these sneaky places, you can be aware of and prevent mold from growing there too! Consider it an annual task to look for mold around your home both in the apparent places and in the not-so-apparent places. As always, if you are unsure if you have a mold problem, or of the severity of it, you should call in an expert like HNST Mold Inspections to give you a professional opinion. We are your go-to source for all things mold whether you are in New York or New Jersey. Contact us today with any questions!

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