Michael Q

John was great!  We had been given a quote for some work from a company that just looked at the mold and recommended an extreme amount of work that seemed excessive ( well, I hoped it was).  I got a recommendation to have the mold tested and I found HNST on Angie’s list.   John told me on the phone that the location that I described meant it was very unlikely that it was the very toxic type of mold and that it was unlikely that the mold would be in some of the other areas that the other company had said needed to all be ripped out.  He described why, and after doing some research, it made sense.  So, i asked him to come check it out.

John came to my home right on time, he did the inspection.  He really knows his mold!  His explanation and recommendation made sense.  Basically I just had mold due to condensation on my roof sheathing.  He tested the mold and confirmed the type and wrote a nice report that explained how the mold should be remediated.  It is an allergen, so it should be removed, but it isn’t the ridiculous “black mold” that people really go batty over (for legitimate reasons I think).  He also made some recommendations of how to get to the root cause so the condensation would not re-occur in a significant way.   I am an engineer so I nerded out on this stuff and did a bunch of research.   John’s recommendations all made sense and could be corroborated.  On top of all this, he is a super nice guy.  His stuff about trying to be fair and objective, ( I can’t remember the whole writeup that he has),  all that stuff… it is true!

I cannot recommend HNST enough!  It is such a pleasure to work with scientifically minded, objective, fair people.  Thanks to John, and to Angie’s list  for this!!

Description of work:

John came and inspected our attic for mold, including sampling the mold to identify the type