The Attic can be a Scary Place

Ask most children what is the scariest place in the home and chances are you’ll hear the Attic. It’s ironic because the attic actually is a scary place, but for adults there’s a different reason. Mold.
Moisture problems can start building up in the attic for years before anyone notices, and before you know it there is a mold problem. Condensation in the attic is caused by the interaction of different temperatures between the air and solid surfaces. Proper attic ventilation reduces the occurrence of condensation and therefore the likelihood of mold growth. Your attic must have vents in the eaves or exhaust fan that promotes air circulation. Making sure that insulation doesn’t block any vents is key.
First, it’s important to seal the attic from any air emanating from the living quarters of the home that are underneath the attic. Here are a few of the most common troubles:
• Improper air ventilation into the attic of exhaust fans or clothes dryer
• Lack of sealant around wire passage ways
• Lack of sealant around plumbing vents
• Lack of sealant around furnace vents
• Recessed lighting
• Transitions between existing house and new addition
• Attic ventilation fans
• Stairways
If these passages are not properly sealed, air leaks into the attic, causing moisture to collect and if the moisture isn’t released… mold will grow. While sealing off all of the air that leaks into the attic is almost impossible, you can take measures to address the most obvious ones and reduce humidity significantly.
If you already have mold in the attic, then remediation is recommended. Call us today and don’t waste another day letting mold accumulate, risking hazards to your health. It is also not a bad idea, whether new build or old home, to have a mold inspection done. If mold is growing unbeknownst to you, then it is better to find the problem now, and fix it before it becomes worse.

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