What Customers Say About HNST Mold Inspections

When you’ve got a potentially dangerous situation inside of your home such as an infestation of mold, you don’t take any chances. That’s why most people go online to look for testimonials, ratings, and reviews of companies.  I always read my reviews so that I can see what my customers think of my work and what they’re saying about me. I am always happy to see the many reviews that I have are positive and it reassures me that I’m staying true to my mission.

The fact that my clients recognize my commitment to professionalism is evident:

IF YOU VALUE THE HEALTH OF YOUR FAMILY, DO NOT TRUST OTHER COMPANIES FINDINGS – CALL HNST! after another company cleared my family to move back into our NYC apt after a flood, I called John at HNST to get a second opinion and I couldn’t be more grateful that I did. what HNST uncovered & the other so called professional missed was unfathomable. clear visible black mold wasn’t evident to me not the other company hired by our apt building, but John uncovered it almost immediately, is incredibly professional, never cuts any corners and most importantly – makes certain your residence will be safe for your family!
Chris C,
New York City, NY

One thing that may surprise you, is that once in a while I’m called in for an inspection and there isn’t a mold issue. However, that doesn’t mean the precursor is not there and education to the client of the prevention is important in these cases. Here’s what a customer had to say when this happened to them:

Member Comments: 
John performed a thorough mold inspection to help us identify the cause of a musty odor.  After several types of testing, including thermal testing of walls to identify potential wet spots, he concluded that we do not have mold but did give us several suggestions to help properly maintain our a/c system, ductwork and drainage to ensure we do not have any issues in the future.

Head over to my testimonials page to read more of what my clients have said about my work. HNST Mold Inspections is available in New York and New Jersey, and other services such as allergen testing and VOC and Indoor Air Quality Sampling are also available.

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