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Whats the deal with mold anyway?

This time of year, you may be hearing a lot about mold. It’s mentioned on the DIY channels, in home improvement magazines and you may have even noticed some in your home.  Anyone who’s experienced a mold issue knows that this is the time of year where you should check your home for issues. Moisture issues, water leaks or wet basements should all be inspected for and attended to before winter comes to prevent mold growth.  In the age of information at our fingertips, many find it hard to find the fast facts on mold and that leaves people wondering:

Whats the deal with mold anyway?

Well, we don’t waste time around here when it comes to mold, so here are our top fast facts that you need to know NOW!

  1. Unattended mold issues or long-lasting moisture problems in your home can lead to potential adverse health effects.These include, but are not limited to asthma, allergic reactions, upper respiratory complaints, and coughing
  2. Mold lives as spores, which get released into the air and circulate in their environment. These spores can be propelled by wind, carried by human or animal inhabitants of the home etc.
  3. Eliminating leaks and moisture issues in your home can help prevent mold growth! This is their favorite environment to proliferate, so reduce moisture, reduce your risk
  4. Humidity issues can also cause mold to grow, control humidity by increasing the ventilation in your home, especially in the bathroom, basement, and attic or invest in a dehumidifier
  5. You’d be surprised where mold will grow! Carpet, drywall, furniture, Mold knows no limit! Don’t assume that certain materials can’t grow mold
  6. Remove Rugs or carpets from places like the bathroom or the basement
  7. Utilize insulation on your pipes, and check the insulation in the attic. If you find wet insulation in the ceiling, it’s a good bet you have a leak! Repair damage and replace insulation for your best protection against mold growth
  8. Cleaning mold off of a hard surface that is non-porous may be enough to get rid of surface mold. BUT! If there is a porous surface, replacing the item completely is your best bet
  9. Mold will start to grow in 48 hours, timing is everything. If you have had a flood or water event in your home or business, it is important to dry the materials within 48 hours
  10. Let the experts do their job. If mold is a problem in the home, it is important to get someone that has knowledge and experience in the field in order to investigate and possibly abate the problem.

For more information about mold inspection, please visit our Mold Inspection page. Remember, it is important to act in 48hrs after a flood or water event. Contact us today and get your inspection underway.

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