when it rains, it molds?

When it Rains, it Molds?

Mold grows quickly on and around areas that are continually exposed to moisture. Therefore, if you’ve got a leak or a moisture issue that you haven’t address in your home or on a property you own you should check for mold. When it rains, it molds is a funny way to remember the connection between mold and moisture. After a heavy rain, it will be evident in your home or building structure where the issues are, they’ll be wet, damp or leaking. If you find one of the three, its time for a Mold Inspection.

Some common areas to check for leaks or moisture issues are:

  • Basements – look for pooling water, wet and moist walls and a mildew smell
  • Attics – look for wet insulation, wet wood, and a mildew smell
  • Carpets/Drapery – investigate carpeting and drapery for damp areas, if clothing or towels routinely sit on the ground for an extended period of time check underneath
  • Inhabitants – take into account if anyone living in the home or exposed to the building is experiencing any increased asthma or asthma-like symptoms

With all of the rain, the tri-state area has been experiencing lately, its a perfect time of year to take notice of any moisture issues in your home and take action. Step one is identifying the areas and issues in your home. Step two is calling in a professional like HNST Mold Inspections to come take a look at your issues with a professional eye.

Call John Skelly today at 845-215-9258 (NY) or 201-733-0091 (NJ) and let me take it from here.

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